Chris Maldener, Drum Lecturer  

Head of Drum Department at "Future Music School"/Germany

Classes in the "Professional Program" (1-year study) on Mondays
Starting in April or October yearly
Subjects: Reading, Playing Technique, Grooves & Styles, Fusion, Studio Drums, Ensemble Technique, Live-Playing

Head of "Preparation Pro"-Workshops

Workshop is held twice a year (announced in NEWS)
In preparation for the study "Professional Program".
Workshop-subjects: Reading, Playing Technique, Grooves & Styles, Ensemble Technique
Classification-check is possible (optional, but required for study!)


Instructor for private tuition or group instruction

Lessons for any level
Beginning at age 4!
Individually held, depending on the students' skills and needs.
Starting on the drum-set right away.
Subject-matters: Reading, improving technical and independence skills, Groove and Fills in any style, Playalong with Music... und lots of fun!
Counseling regarding any matters, such as "buying a drum-set, tuning the drums, findind a band..."
Lesson-length: 45 minutes.
Weekdays on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.