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(Photos by: Geri Leahn)

(Andy, Franz & Chris in Danndorf)

(K.C.'s Ballade "Without A Doubt")

(Chris in the fog)

(Danndorf Festival-Finale with "Slow Horses")

(K.C. & Michael with "Slow Horses")

(Group-photo in Danndorf)

(Pullman City I in Eging am See)

(K.C. in action)

(Chris in sweat and fog)

(View from the stage)

(Final-Photo in Pullman)

(Rattlesnake Saloon in Munich)


(Chris with stick-tricks)

(Franz on the table during "Orange Blossom Special")



(The whole crew in Sinzheim september the 5th)

(..."Northeim Goes Country")

(Chris' having fun)



(Michael Peterson & K.C. in Northeim)

(Tourstart in the TeXas Saloon - Frankfurt)

(It's getting hot!)

(...sweating again...)

(K.C. in the audience)

(Bow in the TeXas)


"K.C. Williams' September Tour 2005"

09/01 Frankfurt
09/03 Northeim
09/04 Sinzheim
09/08 Munich
09/09 Eging am See
09/10 Danndorf

The band (left to right):

Andy Forstmann
Andy Knapp
Franz Pink
Chris Maldener
K.C. Williams
Ursula Thumann
Albin Härig
Michael Geyer


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