Chris Maldener's News    

(Photos by: Geri Leahn and C. Maldener)

(Chicago Airport)

(Chris' DW-set, signed by Billy "Thunder" Mason, drummer of Tim McGraw)

(Rehearsal with the "Big Dougs")

(Gig on october 14th)

(Chris & Billy 'B' Hutchison)

(K.C. on the way to the audience...)

(...shaking hands)

(...with the "All Saints Chor" and the children-chor during the song "We're all Children Of The Sea")

(The three youngest fans of Chris)

(The biggest fan, talented drummer himself)

(Chris & K.C. in front of the tour bus)

(Chicago at night)

(Chris' favourite breakfast: donuts & coffee)

(Flight back from Chicago)


"Chris' concert with K.C. Williams & The Big Dougs in the USA"

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chris' DW-drumset in the USA


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